Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some card prices at $0?

This just means the card didn't have any copies available for sale on TCGPlayer. (The site checks prices every 24 hours.)

This is especially the case for high-end cards that are unlikely to be sold via TCGPlayer online without getting a jeweler's loupe involved!

Why is set _____________ missing?

I probably know about it already, but feel free to let me know and give me a poke. :) I add new sets all the time!

When I click a link to buy all missing cards from a set, why do some of them have the set code of [UNKNOWN] on the Mass Entry page?

The TCGPlayer Mass Entry page was recently updated to support set codes! 🎉

However, a very small number of cards on the site may not have set code data for TCGPlayer yet if the card isn't synced to TCGPlayer. I set the set code to [UNKNOWN] in these cases so you can manually add these cards to your cart from the set you expect them to be from.

What did you use to make the collection folders pictured on the main page?

The art for the folders I made myself in Photoshop. (Feel free to use my files.)

The binders used are the Avery Heavy-Duty View Binder with 1.5 Inch One Touch EZD Ring, Black, 1 Binder (79695). I experimented quite a bit and found this one worked best for me, as it had panes to put in your own printouts for the front, back, and side, and felt quite sturdy.

For sleeve pages, I use the Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Trading Card Pages - Platinum Series (100 Pages).

At first, I only made folders for sets I owned. But I've been getting a lot of requests for the rest of Magic, so I've been chipping away at them!

How often are the prices updated?

Prices are updated once per day auto-magically, at around 7:30 AM Pacific Time.

How does sorting by price work in the Card View?

Currently, it only sorts by low prices. This will be changed in the future.

I'm super confused by the Junior Series / Scholarship Series sets!

They are confusing! lumped them into a single set. TCGPlayer has them scattered throughout multiple sets, some with special annotations on their name, and some are erroneously combined. When collecting these sets, you may want to reach out to vendors directly. There are subtle differences with the card numbers at the bottom of each card. Your best source is Magic Librarities. Here are links to each of the affected sets:

Who are you?

Hi! My name is Brian, although I go by Manath online. I started on this website toward the end of my Computer Science degree mostly because I wanted to know how much of Magic I had collected, and how much my collection was worth. It was also a great opportunity to teach myself PHP. The first version of the website served as a great portfolio piece, and I'm now working full time as a software engineer after having graduated. I still love to put time into this website, though, and will continue to implement new features as time allows.

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